An Awesome Ride

Over three million people across the world were moved and inspired by Shaun Miller’s farewell message on YouTube. Shaun had undergone two heart transplants and spent most of his life in hospital, only to be diagnosed with chronic heart rejection shortly after his seventeenth birthday. In the face of this heartache, Shaun had one message, and that was to stay positive?

This is his untold story: the pawn in the middle of a war between his parents; the victim of assault and landing the girl of his dreams. Serious health issues never held Shaun back from pursuing a career in television and film. He captivated all who met him ? famous boxers, actors, elite sportsmen and contestants on The Voice.

Part mystic, part practical joker, part football nutter.

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‘Films For A Cause’
70% of Verdict Film Group profits
are donated yearly to The Shaun Miller Foundation
to assist the SMF Cardiac Care Centres